For today’s module, Doctor G posted several questions to promote thought and reflection:

Are your personal career goals and opportunities to reach them becoming clearer?

What professional organization appeals to you? Why? What do members of that organization do, that you would like to do?

Whom have you met during the course of the semester that intrigued you?

What surprised you the most?

According to Jean Preer, there are three fundamental principles in librarianship. What are they?

What would you add to those three principles based on your readings?

What one misconception did you have about the field? What were you absolutely right about?

What are new terms or concepts that you learned in this or other classes?

What concepts unique to the LIS professions have you learned about this semester?

What issues faced today by librarians, archivists and other information specialists will you be facing when you enter the field? What are perennial issues?

What trends do you see developing that will impact your work?

What LIS profession do you know least about?