Today was full of nonsense. OK, I admit, that was a conservative statement. This week has been full of nonsense. While I am a very firm believer in internal locus of control…errr.

Optimism: I am even more motivated! (Do I have a cocktail in my hand? Yes, sir!)

With that said, back to Hermionish activities.

One parting thought. While reading Gale Bibliographic Instruction Support Program (pg 10):

“Occasionally, exchanges in the reference interview can be viewed as humorous. Reference librarians are used to dealing with situations like these:
• Homophones, a word the librarian interprets with one meaning while the user means the other: e.g., Wales/Whales; China/china.
• user misunderstands and, in turn, conveys this misunderstanding to the librarian: i.e., “I need the book Catch Her in the Eye” (Catcher in the Rye)
• user understands the concept but does not use the correct terms: i.e., I need the book, “Battle of the Planets” – (War of the Worlds)”