I took a much needed road trip to the westside! The Blue October/Parlotone concert was amazing. Suttons Bay Library is adorable and with a gorgeous view of the bay. Pardon my funky hair, in the photo, I was enjoying my sun + sound package!

As mentioned, The Parlotones opened for Blue October. I am completely in love. This song was the first for their set:

I was pleasantly surprised that Blue October performed “Jump Rope”…and disappointed that I didn’t hear “You Make Me Smile” or “The Sound of Pulling Heaven Down.”

Last night, I finished up my non-print research for the RRQ1 project and managed to pull it all together and tie up the loose ends a few moments ago. Submitted.

What is the surface area of the Earth?; Who originated the phrase “good fences make good neighbors”?; I need an image of the Earth viewed from the Landsat 7 spacecraft.; When should I use “ibid” and when should I use “idem”?; What does AACCCM stand for?; Can you give me a nickname for Paris?; What is the local name of Sweden?; What is the highest temperature on record for Juneau, Alaska?; What languages are spoken in India?; Is it correct to say “consensus of opinion?”; I need a map of Mallorca.; What does it mean “to go platinum”?; I need a list of cities named Washington.; What is a homophone? Some examples, please?; What is the medical name for red eye?; I need information on Wilma Rudolph.; I am looking for a poem on poppies. Can you help?; What does “How Now Brown Cow” mean?; I need the coordinates for Portland.; Can you provide me with a couple of sources for the origin of “coleslaw?”; What nationality was Roman Jakobson?; What does “ephemera” mean?; What is cubism?; Was Masuji Ibuse the recipient of any literary award?; Who said “I think, therefore I am”?

Before diving into more Hermionish activities, a note about my writing project, I visited a site yesterday that I think I am going to use, but it requires a little tweaking.

Thought: I am growing tired of games…