While I have been extremely proactive with my studies, I am really feeling the pressure right now as the semester is drawing to a close. Counting this coming week: 3 more classes.

As I type this blog, I am uploading my index assignment for LIS 6120, a 40-some-page document that I thoroughly enjoyed creating. What an interesting assignment. We were required to choose two broad topics, research starter terms, create a list of search terms using database thesauri, and find 10 unique databases/interfaces for each topic for a total of 20 databases. Topics: autism, women’s suffrage. My favorite three databases: Literature Resource Center, Oxford African American Studies Center, and Project Muse.

Two more assignments for LIS 6120: RRQ3 and my observation paper/presentation.

Exam 2 for LIS 6080: 100%.

And…apparently the LIS Ph.D. program is back “on” and being planned. I, on the other hand, am still in the decision-making process. A second MA, in something like history, seems like it might be more useful which could earn me the title of subject specialist. Lots to think about.