Since losing Aaron, my New Years’ resolutions have been the same every year: make sure that my friends and family know that I love and cherish them. Not a silly resolution. When Aaron passed away, I realized that I never told him that I loved him and always wanted a younger sibling. In fact, I think my parting words were along the lines of a classic JC-ism, “behave yourself.” While I can assume he knew my feelings through my actions, that is not good enough. For the last three years, my close friends and family have often been hugged, kissed, and “told.” I will continue this resolution until the day I die.

The purpose of this post was not to focus on mush and gush, but rather announce a notion for a second resolution that has been floating in my thoughts over the past year…in which I have every intention of fulfilling. The mere idea of this resolution energizes me. How is that for a teaser?


(Photo: taken 9/16/2010 from the “tip of the thumb” in Pointe Aux Barques, Michigan overlooking Lake Huron)