On December 1, 2010, I took a step towards fulfilling one of my New Year’s resolutions as alluded to in my TBA blog post. I would like to thank my family and friends for their amazing support and patience throughout my tenure in the victim services field.

I would also like to thank the fine people who work in Huron County’s criminal justice system (law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, and attorneys) for their support, kindness, the teaching moments, and patience over the years. Huge thanks to Judge Knoblock, Judge Kraus, Judge Herrington, Bad Axe Police Department, Prosecuting Attorney Rutkowski, and former Prosecuting Attorney Mark Gaertner.

In January 2011, it would have been 5 years in the field with some 37,000+ hours of on-call work logged for Huron County, specifically. If I live to be a certain age, my tenure will have accounted for about 6% of my life – I hope the friendships I have been blessed with during that time last a lifetime.

Press Release on WLEW (102.1 FM) this morning:
“SafePlace, Huron County’s domestic abuse shelter is looking to fill one of the top spots according to Executive Director Pat Pettit. Jill Brown, the Operations Manager is leaving that position after three years as of the first of the year. Pettit noted that Brown has been working on her Masters degree in Library Science at Wayne State University, and plans to travel and study abroad next summer. Pettit noted Brown’s replacement has not been found and they are still looking for candidates for the opening. You can contact SafePlace to get the qualifications for the position.”

Wordage from a letter Pettit sent out to my contacts:
“It is with mixed emotions that I inform you of the resignation of Jill Brown as SafePlace’s Operations Manager. For over three years, Jill has contributed significantly to the development of Huron County SafePlace. Our shelter and our community has certainly benefited from her experience working with domestic violence victims, along with her attention to process and passion for our mission. Moreover, her professionalism, drive, and can-do approach have meant that she is our go-to person when DV victim support is needed in the county.

However, I know that Jill is resigning to follow even greater passions. She is well into her Master’s Degree program in Library Science through Wayne State University, is a farmer’s wife who knows her way around a tractor, and has plans to travel and study abroad by next summer. She is certainly looking forward to exciting, new directions in her life.

Dedicated to the end, she will be with us until, and I am quoting Jill directly, ’12/30/2010. My shift ends at 4:00p. (and) I will remain on-call for advocate assistance until 12/31 at 11:59:59p.’

My writing project

I would be happy to meet with you at your convenience to discuss the shelter’s transition to a new, yet to be identified, Shelter Operations Manger, and I would be even happier if you were to reference potential candidates for the opening.

Please join me in wishing Jill all the best. She is a wonderful colleague, and she will be missed not only by SafePlace but also by many in Huron County. She has asked that we not host a send-off get-together, but I would encourage you to give her a call – – at least to try to tease her about how much less exciting her life will be at a library than with all of us. Please expect to be educated on the very high tech skills needed for modern library work – – very cool stuff!”

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” –Edith Lovejoy Pierce