The end of Fall 2010 term has come to a close. *sigh of relief*

Final Grades:
I pulled off a 4.0 in both classes (LIS 6080 and LIS 6120). Not bad for working full-time and carrying on-call duties. Visiting Bad Axe Area District Library (thank you Mimi and staff) after work and sticking to the study schedule certainly paid off.

With my last day of work being next week, I am hoping that my stress level decreases a bit next term and I can enjoy my studies rather than rushing through them. (Yes, I actually enjoy doing homework and studying.)

Textbooks for Winter 2011 term have been ordered. Very excited to crack those open! LIS 6210: Organization of Knowledge (Cataloguing!) and LIS 7040: Library Administration and Management.

Speaking of textbooks, I cannot believe how many I see on the SLIS listserv for sale. Geek moment: I wouldn’t dream of selling any of my textbooks.