If I add a class from a specific short list, and amend my Plan of Work (yet again), I will be able to graduate with a Master in Library and Information Science (MLIS) plus a graduate certificate in Public Library Service to Children and Young Adults.

In order to pull this off, I had to obtain permission to utilize LIS 7850 (Study Abroad: German Librarianship) towards the certificate — which I did, thanks to Dr. K. With that said, a few minutes ago, I submitted the proper paperwork to my academic adviser for review and approval.

Going for the graduate certificate makes complete sense to me as I was already blending the two concentrations (public libraries and services to children and young adults) to fill in the gaps for my ultimate goal of rural librarianship. In December of 2012, if the world doesn’t end (sarcasm), I will be graduating with an extra credential in addition to the MLIS.

A big thank you goes to Dr. Maria Gonzalez and Dr. Kafi Kumasi for their time, advice, and guidance. Much appreciated.