This time last week, I was taking the midterm for Dr. Neavill’s class. The 15-page exam took me a little over 2 hours to complete and I am not sure how I did. Considering that the exam was 15-pages long and assigned shortly before spring break, Dr. Neavill stated that grades will be posted at the end of spring break. I am incredibly curious as to how long it takes him to grade one exam and then multiple that by the number of students in the class. Lots of reading for him! After I receive my grade, I will post a few of my humorous responses to his questions.

I spent the better part of Monday afternoon at Bad Axe Area District Library doing reading for both classes. Mimi, the fabulous library director, has taken to creating small reading areas throughout the library with beautiful furniture. Instead of sitting by the fire or at the table (next to the reference section) as I usually do, I gave one of the areas a try. My “spot” was at the end of the first adult fiction stack. The chair looked to be antique and I was skeptical as to its comfort, but I must admit, I loved it and found the area to be a lot less distracting. It was very relaxing. Creating small, intimate reading areas is brilliant idea and I hope to follow suit when practicing librarianship. I also admire the energy saving motion-activated lights in each stack.

However tempted I was to check out another book from the library, I abstained and finally started reading book thirteen in the Wheel of Time series Towers of Midnight co-authored by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. Not necessarily my cup of tea, but I love the military references/strategy descriptions, as well as the conversation piece it holds with my father (he recommended the series and loves to discuss it).

Yesterday, I continued work on my WSU e-portfolio (different than my website).

Tomorrow, I am joining ALA@Wayne for a tour of the Library of Michigan, Law Library, and the Martha W. Griffiths Rare Book Room. Pretty excited.

Side notes: I love the Vera Bradley lemon parfait pattern.
I applied for my passport today! “The open book symbolizes ‘knowledge’ and the burning lamp symbolizes ‘a light to study by’.”