Today is the last day of spring break and I am nearly half-way through Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. As I previously mentioned, I have worked my way through the series to have a continued conversation piece with my father. Don’t get me wrong — over the years the series has grown on me, but it is definitely not something I would have picked up on my own. With that said, Friday after I returned from Lansing, my better half and I went out to dinner with my parents. The thirty-five minute drive back from the restaurant was completely consumed with Wheel of Time conversation.

Part of the conversation flitted to “if I were an Aes Sedai, which Ajah would I belong to?” Mum, who has purchased all of the books on CD, said that she would definitely belong to the Yellow Ajah.

I would, without a doubt, belong to the Brown Ajah. Hands down. In fact, I was incredibly disappointed when reading The Gathering Storm when I discovered that Verin Mathwin, a notable Brown, was truly a sister of the Black.