1. White birch trees.
  2. Owls.
  3. Libraries especially academic and public.
  4. Archives and archiving.
  5. First edition, collector’s edition, leatherbound, hardcover, and author-signed books.
  6. Studying/learning.
  7. David Sedaris (writer/comedian).
  8. Private concerts in my truck.
  9. Driving with my roof open and windows down.
  10. Road trips.
  11. Charleston, South Carolina.
  12. Cemeteries.
  13. J.K. Rowling (writer).
  14. Robert Frost (writer).
  15. My front porch at 2:30a – 4:00a.
  16. Being with my friends.
  17. Literary irony.
  18. Graduate school (Wayne State School of Library and Information Science).
  19. John Irving (writer).
  20. Getting the mail and finding a note or card from a friend.
  21. Writing.
  22. People watching.
  23. Large bodies of water and that “deep water” feeling.
  24. Going under water: feeling of water/pressure in my ears and opening my eyes.
  25. Hardy Dam (Newaygo County).
  26. Literature to Film Club at Oakland University.
  27. The color green.
  28. Laying in blooming alfalfa fields and watching the clouds go by.
  29. Effective and efficient communication.
  30. The Michigan smoking ban.
  31. Autumn and winter.
  32. Romps in the woods.
  33. Beleek, Wedgwood, and Meissen china.
  34. The 1940s.
  35. Bonfires.
  36. Sharing meals with friends.
  37. Independence.
  38. Louisa May Alcott (writer).
  39. The names: Anson and Josephine.
  40. Outdoor concerts.
  41. String quartets.
  42. Intellectual freedom / censorship topics.
  43. The Cranberries and Blue October.
  44. My personal story.
  45. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.
  46. Bald Mountain Recreation Area.
  47. Ocean jasper.
  48. Snow shoeing.
  49. Grand Haven, Michigan.
  50. Learning how to say “no” to people/activities.
  51. Uglydolls.
  52. Drum kits/sets.
  53. Bag pipes and bag pipers.
  54. New Orleans-style brass bands.
  55. Low-country food.
  56. Second Line marches and parades complete with umbrellas.
  57. Pointe Aux Barques.
  58. Collecting rocks from special/memorable places, e.g. Pointe Aux Barques, Presque Isle, Sutton’s Bay.
  59. Severus Snape and Fitzwilliam Darcy.
  60. The hum of a beehive.
  61. Ferns.
  62. Oak trees.
  63. Monty Python.
  64. Water fowl.
  65. Severe weather.
  66. Playing Clue.
  67. Being able to be myself.
  68. Inside jokes.
  69. Delta Alpha.
  70. Etsy.com
  71. Fourth of July.
  72. Birthdays.
  73. Freshly laundered linens.
  74. Puns, dry humor, dark humor, and witty remarks.
  75. Horse racing.
  76. Sun tea.
  77. Watching the ocean.
  78. Being out on the ocean and seeing jellyfish sparkling in the water/sunlight like floating jewels.
  79. Law enforcement.
  80. Achieving clarity.
  81. Being able to push out everything when I am being Hermionish.
  82. Not wearing a watch.
  83. Clogs (shoes).
  84. Researching World War II topics.
  85. Harsen’s Island.
  86. Detroit Symphony Orchestra.
  87. My middle name and what it means to me.
  88. Private study rooms.
  89. Fountains.
  90. Making peace.
  91. M-136.
  92. Moss.
  93. Hearing others laugh.
  94. My undergraduate years at Ferris State University.
  95. Brown/sepia ink.
  96. The sound of my cats purring.
  97. The smell of a saddle and horse sweat.
  98. For the most part, my keen sense of smell.
  99. Looking people in the eyes
  100. Silver.