3.31.2011: Harbor Beach pier

There is something about Ani DiFranco and large bodies of water, specifically Lake Huron, that inspire the creative process in me. While I am not quite sure of the connection, I wager it has everything to do with an old friend of mine: our time visiting the various coffee houses in Oakland County, writing, and making music. With that said, Wednesday and Thursday I did quite a bit of work towards my writing project…and might have something to share once I polish it a bit more.

For the interim, enjoy a patchwork of DiFranco:

in a coffee shop in a city
which is every coffee shop in every city
on a day which is every day
i picked up a magazine
which is every magazine
read a story, and then forgot it right away
i’m a pixie
i’m a paperdoll
i’m a cartoon
i’m a chipper cheerful free for all
and i light up a room
i’m the color me happy girl
miss live and let live
and when they’re out for blood
i always give
and i teeter between tired
and really, really tired
i’m wiped and i’m wired but i guess its just as well
because i built my own empire
out of car tires and chicken wire
and i’m queen of my own compost heap
and i’m getting used to the smell
cuz when i look around
i think this, this is good enough
and i try to laugh
at whatever life brings
cuz when i look down
i just miss all the good stuff
when i look up
i just trip over things
what kind of paradise am i looking for?
i’ve got everything i want and still i want more
maybe some tiny shiny key
will wash up on the shore