A friend shared a link, via facebook, of a blog titled Better Book Titles which I found to be downright humorous. The author’s description: “This blog is for people who do not have thousands of hours to read book reviews or blurbs or first sentences. I will cut through all the cryptic crap, and give you the meat of the story in one condensed image. Now you can read the greatest literary works of all time in mere seconds!” Viewer discretion is advised as some of the “titles” contain vulgarity.
Since I “read ahead” and wrapped up my Lit to Film Club books, I am not reading anything right now but textbooks and articles for class. Bah. Very interesting stuff, yes, but considering that I do not watch TV, I need to pick up another book soon. 
My father’s 60th birthday was yesterday and I was left scratching my head attempting to figure out what to get him for his special day. Golf balls? Bah. Books are the norm. He has been watching westerns lately, which I found surprising because I didn’t know he was into that genre, but apparently so because he chatted away about the old stories he used to read. Interesting! His gift: The Collected Short Stories of Louis L’Amour, the first and second volumes in hardcover. (Hopefully, he does not read this post before tonight!)
While carrying the two volumes to the front of store, in order to cash out, I was pondering how I would catalog the works. How is that for a Hermionish moment? Even more so, this morning I woke up from a dream in which I somehow found Nazi-Germany documents from the war and was working at translating them. I must admit that I was pretty excited when I woke up, but recalled it was all just a dream…
Reflection: I analyzed a phrase heard in conversation yesterday and the context in which it was utilized — oh how I love semantics — my conclusion is best summed up by Rita Mae Brown, “About all you can do in life is be who you are. Some people will love you for you. Most will love you for what you can do for them and some won’t like you at all.”

I have faults and weaknesses…a heart that I keep guarded and give only to a few…but in amongst that clutter you will my strengths, one of which is loyalty. The first line of the quote is how I live…hopefully my friends can look past my faults, mistakes and weaknesses and love me for who I am…”as is.”