Over the past few months, I have been following, via my subscription to the Oxford Leader, the evolving changes within Addison Township Library. A resident of that township (and fellow Lit to Film Club member) encouraged me to apply for the open library director position. I confess that my heart skipped a beat when I read the newspaper article announcing Library Director Michele Presley was leaving the agency to relocate — practicing librarianship in a rural setting, like Addison Township, is my ultimate goal; however, my primary reason for not applying is that I do not want my first full-time professional library gig to be the top spot. Ideally, I would like to work the desk for awhile to get a taste of rural reference work in order to hone my skills while learning under an experienced library director. My second reason is directly related to why I left my position with Huron County SafePlace…to focus my time and energy on school. (Note: While I am not at all opposed to working in the field while taking classes, but for the time being, I would want any position I held to be limited to part-time hours.) I digress. Back to the articles…

Recently, I was shocked (and slightly perturbed, I must admit) to read that former board president, Nina Ciccolini, declined the library director job offer due to pay reasons. Ciccolini, who has no actual librarianship experience, requested that her pay be approximately $2,000 below what Presley was making — note that Presley held a position and actively practiced librarianship for the agency since 1995 (becoming director in 1999). In these tough economic times, when full-time positions in the field are highly sought after and coveted by a glut of MLIS-holding candidates, who likely have impressive practicums under their belt and lists of volunteer experience, they would literally leap at the opportunity to direct the library for $33,000 a year! I am left shaking my head and find Ciccolini’s “quandary” incredibly frustrating and disappointing.

I wish Presley all the very best and thank her for the fabulous job she has done over the years. The people of Addison Township and surrounding areas will miss her. A farewell gathering will be hosted by the Friends of the Addison Township Library on 4.15 from 4-6p at the Addison Township Senior Center.

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P.S. I would have accepted the position for $33,000 with minimum “fringe”…just sick/vacation time.