This past Sunday, I made the final revisions to my marketing paper for LIS 7040 and submitted it for grade via Blackboard. What a huge relief!

The assignment, as described by Professor Walker’s syllabus, “Create your own strategic marketing plan for a library that will utilize the four strategies (positioning, segmentation, target and quality of service) outlined in Evans. See examples listed under Content – however, the appropriate format is discussed in the lecture…Rubric: 25 points for content, discussion of plan and analysis with respect to the four marketing strategies, application of readings; 5 points for grammar, syntax and proper APA format.”

My marketing plan was designed for a fictional rural library, Applegate District Library, in which I created earlier in the term for the job description/interview project. The plan implemented the Geek the Library campaign created by OCLC, a prominent agency in the LIS field, by way of funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and focused on building library awareness while demystifying library funding issues by way of opening dialogues with the community. 

Once the paper is graded, I will likely upload it to my personal website for viewing; however, here is a snippet from the positioning section:

“In laying the foundation for the Geek the Library campaign, the word ‘geek’ needs to be defined as well as the varying contexts it might be used. OCLC declares the word, for use in the campaign, a verb defined as, ‘(1) to love, to enjoy, to celebrate, to have an intense passion for; (2) to express an interest in; (3) to possess a large amount of knowledge in; (4) to promote.’  Prior to the campaign’s official launch, the “geek” concept will initially be introduced to the patron population via posters, a display in the front vestibule, and bookmarks available at the reference/circulation desk. Patrons will have a chance to share what they “geek” with others and optionally, to be featured on the library’s website. By sharing their interests, patrons are letting the library staff know what materials could be added to the collection which might not only increase patronage and circulation data, but assist with the development of specialized guides to materials and sources within the agency.

And here is a little information about the fictional Applegate District Library:

Mission statement: to provide the citizens of LaVera, and surrounding areas, the highest quality services and equal access to information and ideas.

The rural and picturesque Village of LaVera, “Where Living is a Vacation,” plays hostess to the Applegate District Library which serves approximately 15,000 patrons and circulates more than 85,000 materials annually. Applegate District Library is a member of the Dorata Library Cooperative and houses several special collections including the genealogy room, local history section, John Irving Collection, Pottery and China Collection of the United Kingdom, and the Louisa May Alcott Collection.

Update (4.24.2011):
Grade on this assignment = 4.0
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