Where to start…

Good news or bad news? I’ll start with the bad news.

Late yesterday afternoon, I received this email from Dr. Joseph Mika:
“I am sorry to inform you that we will not be able to do the trip to Germany.  We started off with 15 students and too many have dropped since we first started planning to make the class feasible.  Dr. Anghelescu and I would have loved to show you Germany, but it just did not work out.  Sorry.”

This particular trip to Germany would have been a once-in-a-lifetime experience as the two professors (Mika and Anghelescu) are truly experts in the LIS field. The word “disappointed” does not even begin to explain how I feel about this development; however, I think I know a person who is perhaps more disappointed than I. A big thank you goes out to Professor Mika for all of the hard work he put into organizing and planning the trip to Germany.

Professor Anghelescu canceled her International and Comparative Librarianship class and is offering to supervise directed study (LIS 7990) for interested students. Considering these developments, I need to amend my Plan of Work. In order to pursue my interest, I am seriously contemplating directed study this fall. My interim topic, prior to my formal proposal, “Censorship and Intellectual Freedom During the Second World War” with a focus on how the Third Reich affected public libraries, the region, and children/young adults growing up during that era.

For Fall semester, this morning I registered for Survey and Analysis of Literature for Younger Children (LIS 6510)…and hopefully, if all goes well, I will be registering for Directed Study (LIS 7990).

And onto good news…

This afternoon, I took my laptop to Caro District Library and not only finished my final for LIS 7040 (Library Administration and Management), but also submitted my essay for LIS 6210 (Organization of Knowledge). Exam for LIS 7040: 22/23. If my calculations are correct (assignments, case studies, etc.), I should end up with a 4.0 in that class.

Tomorrow, is the scheduled final for LIS 6210 and I reserved the meeting room at Bad Axe Area District Library. The room has a large table in which I can spread out my materials and will likely encounter minimum distractions. Confession: I am a bit keyed up over this exam.