Enjoying the sunshine…

Today marks the first day of class for the Spring/Summer term — I am taking LIS 7340: Collection Development and Selection of Materials with Dr. Robert Holley. A brief blurb about on the course (taken from the SLIS website):

Philosophy, principles and procedures for provision of materials and a collection that will meet the needs of the library’s clientele. Concepts and procedures of community study, intellectual freedom, evaluation of materials, the use of selection aids and an introduction to the publishing world.

And a workshop in Lansing that I just registered for…

Hopefully, a post with more substance soon…I am intrigued by the recordable storybooks offered by Hallmark, but you will likely get a history lesson on the Nazi Book Burnings.

And I leave you with music from The 30 Day Music Challenge (via Facebook):

Day 18: Music that you wish you heard on the radio