Photo courtesy of Michigan DNR

Lepo pozdravljeni! (Readership in Slovenia is up.) Guten Morgen! (As well as in Deutschland.) Goedemorgen! (And the Netherlands, too.)

I am thoroughly enjoying the book review assignment in my collection development class — so much, in fact, I plan on doing both reviews (youth and adult). The extra exposure will be beneficial since those working in rural libraries do a bit of everything. Here is the language for the assignment:

Compare and contrast a set of book reviews on the same book. (Those that have chosen the youth services packet should also evaluate the supplementary material and its relevance to the book reviews. The two final documents in the packet are not book reviews but articles about the book.) Evaluate the usefulness of these reviewing sources for libraries in general and specifically for your type of library.

This morning, I had a dream nightmare about my childhood bedroom. Totally book related! In the nightmare, stacks of books were scattered throughout the room. Some stacks were waist high and others just consisted of a few books. Slithering on the floor, between the stacks, were three snakes: white, green, and brown. Just before waking up, I was contemplating on using books to kill the snakes, but couldn’t bear the thought.