Later last week, a friend of mine shared with me an item on one of NPR’s blogs The Picture Show: Bibliophilism Meets Photography. The title, alone, was intriguing enough!

Upon visiting the blog, I spied several beautiful photographs of books in various scenes that sparked a sort of literary imagery. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Scrolling down the page, I found further information, the photographer/artist is Juliette Tang. I will quote her directly:

In some pictures, I put myself in the place of a character and arrange the composition as if through their eyes. In other pictures, I try to somehow identify with the author or evoke what I think the author’s spirit or intention might be, through my own visual interpretations.

Maybe now it’s more vital than ever to take pictures of books. … While e-readers have their advantages, it’d be a shame to lose the physical sensation of experiencing a traditional book, which is so unique to reading. There’s that rustle when you turn the pages, the smell of leather binding, the hollowish thud when you set it on a table. It’d be sad to lose or forget what those sensations are like.

The NPR blog only touches on Juliette’s work — to view the rest of the set, please check out her Flickr set:  Still Life with Book. One my favorites: East of Eden.

(Thanks, Matt, for sharing the link!)