Yesterday was incredibly beautiful outside, the front door of the mansion was open. I snapped this photo while walking to the family parlor (south) to gather more books from the shelves.

I had such a great time. Every time I go there, I walk away with my head full of new information and ideas. (Thank you, Ella.)

Projects: In addition to creating an inventory for the archive room, of files containing information pertaining to Events, Dates, and Municipalities, I have been working on a shelf-list for the various bookcases located in public areas of the museum…and making notes for possible re-arrangement (like items – size – and subject). For my LIS friends and colleagues: ultimately, when a final location has been decided, the item will entered into PastPerfect (museum software) with its current location — think OPAC sans MARC. 

While working on our various projects, we got talking about fate and destiny. Very intriguing conversation. I am a firm believer in, “everything happens for a reason.” I cannot even begin to express how happy I have been since starting library school and following this path.

Last night, sans typos, my Facebook status was: “JC Brown has some pretty awesome people in her life.” After I hit “share,” I got thinking: the awesomeness-factor is not limited to my personal life, but also my academic / professional life, as well. The professors, trainers, and practicing librarians I have encountered, thus far, have been downright amazing — not only are they very passionate and knowledgeable about the LIS field, but eager to teach and share what they know. (Thank you very much!)

Another thought: I am fascinated by oral history and think I might like to “specialize” in it…