Earlier yesterday, I registered for Winter 2012 term.

LIS 7250: Programming and Services for Children and Young Adults with Suzanne Todd
Principles and procedures for planning, managing and delivery of public library services to children and young adults.

LIS 7790:  History of Books, Printing, and Publishing with Dr. Barry Neavill
Development of writing, the alphabet, early materials, manuscripts, paper making, invention and spread of printing, famous presses, modern methods of print and electronic production. The book as artistic output of the culture and part of the world in which it was produced.

I might add:
LIS 6520: Survey and Analysis of Current Lit for Children Grades 4 – 8 with Dr. Walster
Intensive examination of books appropriate for children in grades four through eight. Analysis of literary and extra-literary factors affecting the older child’s experiences with fiction and nonfiction.

The School of Library and Information Science on course load:

A student with a strong academic record who is devoting full-time to graduate study and carrying no outside employment may register in the School not to exceed twelve credits per semester. A student engaged in part-time work should limit registration in proportion to the amount of outside work. A student employed full-time will normally not register in excess of six credits. Students who wish to carry more than nine credits per semester must obtain permission from their advisor. Graduate Assistants are required to register for six to nine credits each semester. The University considers a program of eight graduate credits per semester to be full-time study.

While I certainly have a strong academic record, I am skeptical about taking three classes considering that one of the two is with Dr. Neavill. Recalling last winter, the workload for his class was quite heavy and challenging. After all, I would like to be able to resume interning with the Sanilac County Historical Society.