This morning, I am getting ready to head back to northern Oakland County to visit Oxford Public Library — the library that truly started it all for me. It will be a nice break from working on final projects. 

With that said, I am about 90% done with my portion of the website project for LIS 7420. I still need to make some final tweaking on a few of my pages, validate the HTML, and validate for accessibility. If all goes well, I should have it wrapped up by this evening; however, I still won’t be done for the semester as I need to buckle down and wrap up my project for LIS 6510 (which is due on Sunday). Thankfully, I am done with LIS 7560. The project: our class actually wrote a book. It took all semester and some groups are actually meeting next semester, too. 

My goal: to be completely done by Friday and resume writing posts for the 30Y.30L Campaign this weekend.