A photo of the entire stack including items
that I didn’t end up using…

On Friday night, I submitted my final project for LIS 6510 (Children’s Literature: Infant – 3rd Grade)…all 20-some-pages of it.

Part I: I had to select 20 books on a single theme and create an annotated bibliography. My theme: World War II / the Holocaust.
Part II: Out of the 20 books, I had to select 6 and evaluate them using criteria I felt to be both appropriate and realistic for someone working in the field.
Part III: Short answer.

My favorite books:
One Yellow Daffodil by David Adler
The Doll with the Yellow Star by Yona Zeldis McDonough
Star of Fear, Star of Hope by Jo Hoestlandt
One Candle by Eve Bunting 

Bibliography to come…