Image by Andy Thompson

A short time ago, before my 30th birthday,I began pondering something unique and special to celebrate the milestone. At first I thought about a staging a literary-themed costume party, hosting a read-in, or even a literature-to-film night; however, a better idea came to me: a campaign of library tours called 30 Years and 30 Libraries.

Throughout the months of November, December, January, and possibly early February I hope to visit, photograph, and tour 30 different libraries and write about my various adventures via this blog. The 30 Years and 30 Libraries campaign will not only provide me with fun and adventure, but it will also serve as a learning experience in my professional development.

This post will serve as an index, of sorts, for the libraries that I have visited and will be visiting:
(1) Moore Public Library: Lexington, Michigan
(2) Marlette District Library: Marlette, Michigan
(3) Brown City Public Library: Brown City, Michigan
(4) Reader’s Cove Library: Harsens Island, Michigan
(5) Sleeper Public Library: Ubly, Michigan
(6) Bullard Sanford Memorial Library: Vassar, Michigan
(7) Pigeon District Library: Pigeon, Michigan
(8) Elk Township Library: Peck, Michigan
(9) Reese Unity District Library: Reese, Michigan
(10) North Branch Township Library: North Branch, Michigan
(11) Eastpointe Memorial Library: Eastpointe, Michigan (12/5)
(12) Deckerville Public Library: Deckerville, Michigan (12/6)
(13) Brandon Township Library: Ortonville, Michigan (12/7)
(14) William H. Aitkin Memorial District Library: Croswell, Michigan (12/8)
(15) Harbor Area District Library: Harbor Beach, Michigan (12/9)
(16) Oxford Public Library: Oxford, Michigan (12/12)
(17) Orion Township Library: Lake Orion, Michigan (12/13)
(18) Opperman Memorial Library: Kingston, Michigan (12/15)
(19) Port Austin Township Library: Port Austin, Michigan (12/16)
(20) Holly Township Library: Holly, Michigan (12/19)
(21) Fairgrove District Library: Fairgrove, Michigan (1/4)
(22) Sandusky District Library: Sandusky, Michigan (1/6)
(23) Lapeer District Library: Clifford Branch: Clifford, Michigan (1/9)
(24) Caro Area District Library: Caro, Michigan (1/10)
(25) Bad Axe Area District Library: Bad Axe, Michigan (1/11)
(26) Rawson Memorial District Library: Cass City, Michigan (1/17)
(27) Addison Township Public Library: Leonard, Michigan (1/20)
(28) Burtchville Township Library: Lakeport, Michigan (1/23)
(29) Drummond Island Library: Drummond Island, Michigan (1/27)
(30) Les Cheneaux Community Library: Cedarville, Michigan (1/28)

“Libraries have always seemed like the richest places in the world to me, and I’ve done some of my best learning and thinking thanks to them. Libraries and librarians have definitely changed my life – and the lives of countless other Americans.”
-Barbara Bush, First Lady of the United States, 1989-1993

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the 30 libraries that participated in this project.