While working on my ePortfolio, a graduation requirement for those enrolled in the School of Library and Information Science, I found an old assignment in which my group, Team Awesome, submitted for LIS 6010 (taught by Dr. Maria Gonzalez) as part of an assignment on library ethics. (Group members: Cecile Bosshard, JC Brown, Janet Curtiss, Brian Cutter, Araceli Mata, Tashia Munson, and Christopher Schimers)

The scenario is as follows:
As a librarian, a friend shows you a finished manuscript of a children’s book that takes a realistic look at an adolescent’s experience, which includes experimentation with drugs and sex. Your friend wants to know what you, as a librarian thinks, if it’s publishable and it’s marketable. You know that the book will most likely be considered objectionable in most school libraries and many public libraries unless your friend removes some scenes form his book. Do you recommend that your friend remove the scenes from his book?

It’s definitely worth a good laugh…