Herr Gutenberg

For LIS 7790, the readings and lecture this week touched on Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg…and even mentioned the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Why am I writing about this?

Last year, the School of Library and Information Science was offering a study abroad opportunity to Germany with stops in Mainz and Frankfurt. Naturally, I had planned on attending and arranged my Plan of Work to accommodate the courses. I even planned on staying an additional week or two to explore Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland (and possibly Hungary). It would’ve been perfect as I would be introduced, in-person, to the birthplace of movable-type printing…and then segued into LIS 7790 taught by Dr. Barry Neavill.

Of course, I could grab my passport and simply jump the pond on my own, but I am certain that the experience would be mediocre at best. Why? The trip was being orchestrated by two experts in the LIS field, Dr. Joseph Mika and Dr. Hermina Anghelescu, who would have acted as our extraordinary tour guides.

Side note: I’ve temporarily suspended my German lessons. Since I am no longer running the roads for the 30Y.30L project, perhaps, I’ll start again. Maybe as a graduation present to myself, I’ll go to Mainz. Ideas, ideas…

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