One of my favorite pastimes: antiquing. On Friday, my mum visited the area and we patronized our favorite haunts.

Relevant anecdote: In 2005, I became the owner of an early 1900s farmhouse (with a barn, granary, pump house, and chicken coop) out in the middle of nowhere (aka “the sticks” or “the boonies”). To be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. When I was house shopping, I only considered dwellings that were over 75 years old…the more history, the better. Over the past few years, home improvement projects and renovations have been almost constant (and we still have a lot of work to do), but quite a bit of fun. I digress…

The upstairs consists of three bedrooms — one of which has been turned into my office with the two other serving as guest rooms. Since my middle name is Collins (derived from my maiden name), I found the following book to be the perfect find that will adorn a nightstand in one of the guest rooms:

It isn’t rare or even valuable — just fun and very amusing to peruse!