On Saturday, I pushed up my sleeves and got a bit dusty and dirty while participating in the final clean-up for the old Addison Township Public Library in Leonard, Michigan! In fact, Director Jaema Berman called the event, “Say Goodbye to the Old Addison Township Public Library.”

Rest assured, fellow bibliophiles, the library is not closing!

In October 2011, the library had a grand opening at its new location that not only houses the collection in a more spacious environment, but provides room for programming as well as several comfortable seating areas — which was non-existent prior to the move.

The clean-up effort primarily entailed scraping old library shelving which involved hauling out lots of miscellaneous pieces, both heavy and light, to a nearby truck and trailer. While some volunteers were scraping shelving, others were creating a special area which will be used as library storage.

Despite still having this incessant cold (and popping cough drops), I had a wonderful time which was full of both nostalgia for the past and optimism for the future. It was truly an honor to be a part of the process.

A memento…
The group of volunteers!