On Saturday, when I volunteered to help with the final clean-up at the old Addison Township Public Library, I sported an old Geek the Library shirt which read: I Geek Libraries. It was my very first Geek shirt that I purchased during Winter 2011 term while working on a strategic marketing plan for LIS 7040 that utilized the Geek the Library campaign. Quite a few fellow volunteers inquired about my shirt…

Last night, I gave Anne Switzer, the facilitator of Lit to Film Club, a custom Geek the Library shirt. The group began asking questions about how I procured such a shirt…

So how can you get a custom Geek shirt? There are two answers: (a) I purchased my first few shirts directly through Geek the Library which has a Zazzle store; (b) The rest of my shirts, including Anne’s, were purchased via my local public library once they kicked off their campaign — be sure to check with your local library, too.

Please note:
If you wear a Geek the Library shirt in public, be prepared to answer questions about its meaning — which fulfills the purpose of the campaign — to raise awareness about public libraries!

For those interested in reading my marketing plan, which was created for a fictional rural public library, you can do so here:
Geek the Library: Applegate District Library Awareness Project by JC Brown