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Mein Kampf: Volume I and Volume II

Last night, I gave my live case study presentation of Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler for LIS 7790 (The History of Books, Printing, and Publishing). At the beginning of my presentation, I included a disclaimer that I should probably share here, as well, for clarification purposes,

“I am neither a fan of Herr Hitler or a supporter of the Nazi Party or any associated political ideologies. I selected this topic because I have always been intrigued by World War II and more recently, censorship and intellectual freedom issues during the Third Reich. With that said, this is a sensitive and controversial topic — as they say on TV: ‘viewer discretion is advised.'”

Worth noting, I feel that my presentation went quite well; however, what I really want to note (and remember) are the kind words and compliments my fellow classmates expressed after the presentation. It was both heartwarming and gratifying — I’d like to say ‘thank you.’