Tomorrow, the Small & Rural Libraries conference begins and like just about every conference there will be multiple concurrent break-out sessions. For me, which sessions to attend is always a challenge because there are so many interesting topics.  It’s times like these that I wish I had learned to clone myself or had access to Hermione’s time-turner necklace procured from the Department of Mysteries.

Here’s a breakdown of which sessions I plan on attending…

Wednesday, May 2
1:45 – 3:00p — Torn between two sessions and decided upon…

Get Anime-ted! Get Graphic! Adding Graphic Novels, Anime, and Manga to Your Collection
This introductory program is focused on practical advice for developing and maintaining a graphic novel/manga/anime collection. It includes a brief history of the literature, information about selection of materials and other resources, displays and marketing, and using various types of feedback to build the collection.

3:15 – 4:30p — No-brainer:

Problem Patrons: Addressing and Responding to Patron Behavior
Do you have patrons who consistently break library rules? Do you have patrons who are disruptive? Has patron behavior ever shocked you? This session will help libraries identify what policies they need to effectively deal with problem patrons and provide guidance on how to enforce them, as well as how to respond to police involvement in patron behavior situations.

Thursday, May 3
10:00 – 11:15a — No-brainer! Dr. Holley is presenting!

Digital Resources and the Rural Library: Not as Simple as It Seems
Access to digital resources including ebooks, databases, and digital collections greatly expands the amount of information available to the users of rural libraries. These resources, however, require rural librarians to consider some potentially challenging issues. Should the small library provide access to digital resources that it would never add to the print collection?

1:15 – 2:30p — No-brainer:

This presentation will explain the importance of having gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender material available in small and rural libraries. Online resources for collection development, what types of organizations are available in your area to provide informational presentations, popular authors that cover the topic and what to do if a patron objects to this type of material will be covered.

3:30 – 4:45p — Torn between three and decided on this:

Thingamabobs and Doodads: Tech Support IS Reference
Library users often rely on staff for technology support. This session will describe core technology competencies required by library staff, especially at the reference desk, to capably help library users. We will discuss how tech support is directly related to customer service and library relevancy. Librarians and support staff will be inspired to provide tech support as a means to market library services – and themselves – as vital resources to the community.

Friday, May 4
10:45a – 12:00p — Torn between two and decided upon:

Non-Fiction Reader Advisory for Everyone
Not sure how to break the ice and “sell” non-fiction? Not a big non-fiction reader? No problem! Everyone has something to share in the world of reader advisory. This program is designed to help librarians develop strategies for talking about non-fiction with all patrons and create a personal go-to list of titles — even if your knowledge and experience of non-fiction are limited.