For LIS 7790 – History of Books, Printing, and Publishing, each student was required to complete a case study for the course. Because of my research interest in ‘censorship and intellectual freedom during the Third Reich’, I chose to study the infamous Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler.

I was invited to contribute to the SLIS Ideas Blog and thought that the Mein Kampf case study would be perfect as the book is quite controversial yet quite a lot of people are not familiar with the work and its inherent creepiness. So with the help of my good friend Christie Williams, I made some minor revisions to the case study by making a more definitive introduction and conclusion. I then recorded the audio, found public domain photos, pieced the whole enchilada together, and published the vlog via YouTube.

Without further ado, you can view my case study in vlog format by visiting “Ideas from the School of Library and Information Science” or more directly via the embedded video below; however, I strongly encourage you to take a moment to please check out the fabulous Ideas Blog and browse the other postings from fellow students and SLIS faculty:

Note: If you hang out until the very end of the vlog, you’ll find a list of sources in which consulted for the project — great reading, if you’re interested in the topic! (I highly suggest Hitler’s Mein Kampf in Britain and America: A Publishing History 1930-39 by James J. Barnes and P. Barnes)