One of my favorite photos of Mum and I.
Golf at Pointe Aux Barques. Such a great day!

I come from a family of readers; therefore, it shouldn’t be a complete surprise when I say that we typically give reading material as gifts.

My dad now prefers e-books. Easy. No big deal.

And my mother prefers books in audio format — specifically: CD. What a challenge! While the number of books available in audio format has increased over the years, being able to actually purchase books already burned on CDs has become decidedly more difficult. I understand the reasoning — many people are now listening to audiobooks via devices such as an iPod or even by smartphone. CDs are becoming a thing of the past much like the cassette tape, vinyl records, and 8-tracks.

Fact: Fairgrove District Library actually eliminated their entire audiobook collection due to it not circulating.

Seriously, I get it. However, I feel incredibly tacky purchasing an audiobook from Barnes and Noble, downloading it, burning it to a stack of CDs, labeling each disc with a marker and then giving it as a gift to my mother. In fact, it really irks because she deserves much better than that. It feels “homemade” and not in the classy kind of way such as a warm apple pie, a crocheted afghan, or even a knitted scarf.

Truth: I’ve avoided purchasing specific books for mum because of this “issue.” It wasn’t until Christmas in which I broke down and downloaded the first two books in the Sookie Stackhouse series for her and burned them to CDs — making sure that I had enough matching cases for each book so that they looked uniform and much more presentable.

I’ve tried browsing other retailers, but without much success across the board. Occasionally, I’ll find the book actually on CD complete with the nice case and artwork, but it’s quite rare. I’ve even contemplated contacting library vendors and opening my own account, but have held off because of mum’s upcoming retirement — she isn’t going to be in her vehicle nearly as much which means that perhaps the preference for books on CD might likely be coming to an end. Maybe then she’ll listen to books on her iPod or start preferring another format? We’ll see…

P.S. Mum got Divergent by Veronica Roth and The Maze Runner by James Dashner. She’ll now know what dad and I are talking about when we discuss Factions or WICKED! I wonder which Faction she’ll choose? (My guess is Amity.) Dad chose Abnegation which surprised me as I pegged him as Dauntless. I chose Amity and Erudite which would likely mean that I’d be Divergent; however, reading further into the book and recently finishing Insurgent (the second book in the trilogy), I found myself wanting to join the ranks of the Factionless with my friend Janet.