5.18.2012: I geek Churchill and running the field cultivator
5.19.2012: Taking a peek at Eagers’ laying hens while Chris and RB
track down part of our soybean seed order
5.19.2012: Sporting crazy hair and whole lotta Pioneer 92Y51
5.19.2012: An unflattering photo of me sitting on the back of the grain drill reading
Miss Peregine’s Home for Peculiar Children
by Ransom Riggs for YA Lit (LIS 6530)
Note: I actually rode on the back of it for a few rounds
5.20.2012: A wet Labrador Retriever takes a break from swimming
while I do some more reading for YA Lit (LIS 6530)
5.20.2012: Black River
5.20.2012: Home ❤