Call me what you will, but I am not impressed with book reviews that use obscenities. 

I find them annoying…like a mosquito buzzing around my head.

Some of the language I’ve encountered while working on a project…
Example: “This book was zombie-fucking-tastic! …”
Example: “Holy. Fucking. Shit. …Anyway. I’m not quite done, but fuck! is this book good. I can’t believe I actually thought of giving up on it once. It’s SO GOOD…”


Perhaps the reviewer believes that employing such language will earn them more views or even cred?

Do I think they should be censored? Absolutely not. 

The fact is: I scroll right past these reviews and don’t even bother reading the rambling rest! (A form of self-censorship that doesn’t infringe upon the rights of anyone else.)

It just all comes down to the credibility of the reviewer…

/end rant