Yesterday morning, I picked up, from the library, a book which I interloaned: Now by Morris Gleitzman. Now is the sequel to Once and Then — Holocaust / Historical Fiction. Here’s a passage that can be found on page 24 (hardcover) which really struck me:

“Felix looks at me, gives me a nod, and carries on chewing.

He understands.

He knows that lockets on their own can’t make everything okay. No jewelry can.

It takes more than that.

Felix knows the secret.

So many sad things happened to him when he was a kid. Losing his best friend and his parents and the strength in his legs. And yet he’s the happiest person I know. Because he’s really good at doing happy things.

Reading books and making cakes and having hot baths and dancing.

Felix knows that as soon as bad things have happened, they’re in the past. Which is the place to leave them.

From now on, I’m going to do what Felix does.

Leave the bad stuff in the past and concentrate on being happy now.

If I can.”

 I highly recommend these books and I am really looking forward to the release of the fourth book, After!