According to Dad, he didn’t read much as a kid or during his adolescence; however, as far back as I can remember, he’s been a pretty avid reader — often staying up late in order to keep reading a compelling story. After 38 years of working at GM, Dad is now retired and on a fixed income. He seems to both enjoy and have a knack for finding ways to stretch a buck. Worth noting, Dad has also owned a Kindle for almost 2 years and prefers purchasing books rather than using the library or even borrowing a book I already own. (?!) And for the record, he’s not a germphobe…

(Dad is browsing Amazon, via his Kindle, looking for a new book to read) 

I hand Dad a copy of the latest BookPage to facilitate his search. After about 20 minutes of browsing evil Amazon, he picks up the publication and almost immediately finds something that sparks his interest. I am pleased. 

Naturally, he begins discussing his latest find and tells me that plans on purchasing the said trilogy on his Kindle later this fall. *cue needle being dragged across vinyl record*

The conversation…

JC: “Dad, why don’t you consider checking out e-books from the library?”
Dad: “Because I can do it this way without even leaving home.”

JC: *chagrin* “Dad, you know you can borrow e-books from the library without even leaving home. I’ve showed you how to do it; I’d be happy to show you again. It’s a great way to help save money. Besides…it’s your tax dollars that fund the library’s millage.”

Dad: “I pay my taxes so that the library can remain open for young people who don’t have a lot of money.”

JC: *more chagrin* “Dad…”

Dad: “This is what I do, Jill!”

JC: “I think it’s just out of your comfort zone and your looking for a way to rationalize your actions.” 

Dad: “Maybe.”
JC: *walks away shaking head and begins developing a strategy*

The only thing I can come up with is that the process of borrowing and downloading an ebook from the library must intimidate him. To date, I’ve showed him at least twice. (Really, it’s not much different than logging into Amazon, browsing for a book, purchasing said book with a gift card, and finally downloading the purchase.)

I’ll visit his library’s website and look for a step-by-step guide to OverDrive and if one is not to be found…I shall make my own! I can even make a tutorial video and park it on his desktop. It is only then that my conscience can rest…

*cue Mission Impossible theme*