Last night, shortly before calling it a day, I received feedback from Dr. Charbonneau concerning the outline I submitted for my research proposal in LIS 7996 which just happens to be the capstone project.

With the proposal due in just two weeks (12/9 @ 9p), in the spirit of being proactive, I spent the better part of the day working on the draft — mostly the introduction which included: statement of the problem (my topic); conceptualization of censorship, intellectual freedom, challenges, expressions of concern, oral complaints, written complaints, public attacks; and the purpose of the study. (Nearly three pages of content.) Tomorrow, I will focus on laying out the research questions and the literature review.

It is my sincere hope to actually conduct the proposed study with my friend and LIS colleague, Janet Curtiss.

Unfortunately, after an unexpected BoS while working on my outline last week, I’ve been dealing with Office 2007 stability issues on my laptop, Patton, ever since. I haven’t been able to successfully format my document without the program locking up. I’m currently downloading Office 2010 from the School of Library and Information Science in hopes of rectifying the issue. I really don’t want to work on this project upstairs in my office on the desktop. *fingers crossed* (Thank you, Jaysen, for tech support and listening to me rant earlier.)

Breakfast for the brain: cheese omelet, hash browns, and rye toast