E-portfolio landing page on Blackboard
MLIS in folders…

“Welcome to your last semester!”

Last night at 11:59:59p, my final, final project for graduate school was due: the infamous e-portfolio. Now…I wait, impatiently, for my score which will likely take a few weeks.

I’d like to thank my family, friends, academic advisers (Gonzalez, Mika, and Anghelecu), professors, LIS classmates, and colleagues for the support, encouragement, and the learning experiences gained throughout my journey.

Special and heartfelt thanks (Herzlichen Dank) to Christie Williams, Janet Curtiss, Melanie Most, Matt Fredericks, Sue Todd, Gail Nartker, Marcia Dievendorf, Kate Van Auken, and Birchfield Studio (Don and Andrea).

I am DONE! Rest assured, Hermionish will continue with my professional experiences and bookish adventures.