I’ve been busy…

In mid-June, with my friend and LIS comrade, Jeanette Marks (a SLIS alumna), I toured Cheboygan Area Public Library and Mackinac Island Public Library! We refer to our road trip as: “Librarians on Tour.”

Kim Schulz and I

Cheboygan Area Public Library

  • Our guide was Kim Schulz, Assistant Library Director and fellow SLIS alumna.
  • Quick facts from the 2011 – 2012 Library State Aid Report:
    • Class 4 library — serves populations between 12,000 – 25,999. 
      • Population served: 13,993
    • Operating expenditures: $484,660 
    • Collection size: 64,998
  • Separate YA area complete with two restaurant-style booths for group work
  • Large basement houses the FoL book store, community rooms, pottery and craft rooms
  • Beautifully landscaped outdoor garden with reading area
  • Über-talented children’s librarian, “Mr. King” created the following video for this year’s summer reading program’s theme, Dig Into Reading:

Mackinac Island Public Library

  • Our guide was Anne St. Onge, Library Director.
  • Quick facts from the 2011 – 2012 Library State Aid Report:
    •  Class 1 library — serves populations 0 – 3,999
      • Population served: 492
    • Operating expenditures: $63,177
    • Collection size: 13,826
  • The library is open year-round for the residents whom live on the island
  • Lovely teal interior with white trim gives a bright and fresh look
  • They’ve been at their current location since 1992
  • Due to lots of questions, the library has set up at FAQ page
  • Water-front location complete with a rear deck and adirondack chairs
  • Album of pictures from our visit