I’ve struggled on how to best write this post and have even kicked around the notion of not publishing it; however, since this is a blog about my observations experiences in the field…

Earlier this year I was hired at my practicum site, a public library, and have had several rather curious encounters with patrons over the past few months which have left me second-guessing myself. My conclusion, which subsequently resulted in me sharing the following statement with my fellow LIS-colleagues:

Please do not mistake my reference interview questions, can-do attitude, courteous and friendly demeanor as an indication of interest in starting a romantic or sexual relationship: I am merely doing my job as an information professional.

(Clarification: the above statement is just a rant.) I politely thanked the patron for his ‘compliments’ and redirected him to the task at hand…and kept redirecting the patron back to the reference interview. In other words, “Thank you, (insert name). Let’s focus on finding you materials on (insert topic).”  

Perhaps, I should not have even said “thank you”?!

The notion ‘she’s nice to me; therefore, she must be interested or desire me’ is incredibly frustrating. Has our society grown so accustomed to indifference and rude behavior that when kindness and politeness are shown it must really be considered something else?

When I receive assistance at Lowe’s or Home Depot, I don’t check out the team member who has helped me, tell him he’s beautiful, and that his dark brown hair / green eyes plus tool belt are really my ‘thing’…while oogling his package.

Completely inappropriate — not mention: disgusting. It’s not classy and certainly not ladylike.

It’s downright uncivilized.

As a friend said, “Books are for checking out and taking home — not the librarian.” While it’s funny, it’s completely true.

And a colleague shared this image:

Keep it classy, people.