For October, I swapped out the Take a Look display for one featuring YA graphic novels! While colorful and eye-catching, it was very simple and inexpensive to put together.

Using Publisher, I laid out an 8×14 panel using graphics from 5 different books with the spirit of appealing to both boys and girls. The 6th graphic was a popular internet meme which I edited to read, “I didn’t Caro Library had graphic novels!

The background: Sunday comics from the Detroit Free Press.

For the border, I traced around the panel and colored in the area using a red Sharpie.

KABOOM! was created using WordArt and colored in using the same red Sharpie and a yellow crayon. POW was done freehand.

The materials on display are just a sampling of CADL’s YA graphic novel collection and were selected by a young patron who enjoys coming to the library. I’ll keep refreshing the materials on display over the coming weeks.