When I was mulling over my 30Y.30L project in 2011, it was a no-brainer to include Brandon Township Library as I had grown up in the neighboring town of Oxford. Further, having worked in the new Oxford Public Library, I learned that BTL was deemed a sister library, of sorts, sharing the very same architect.

I have much to write about; however, each time I start working on the post, I begin having doubts and questioning my professional ethics — see, there is a bit of a scandal coming to light in Michigan library-land…

The issue: Brandon Township Library hasn’t received State Aid in the past 5 years and the library board wanted to know why. Upon calling a special meeting, the library director tendered her resignation effective immediately and subsequently retired.

Here are the relevant articles in the press:
11.20.2013: Brandon Twp. Library Director resigns; investigation underway
11.27.2013: Brandon Township Library on administrative lockdown
12.4.2013: Brandon Township Public Library director resigns after library receives no state funding for five years
12.20.2013: Brandon Township library hires forensic auditor, tightens finances after director’s resignation

A case of credential fraud?

Having just jumped through all of the hoops in order to complete my MLIS…and the fact that I currently hold a nonprofessional/non-salaried position in the LIS-field, this is a very bitter pill for me to swallow…

When I attended the library board meeting back in November, I was surprised that the board refused to directly respond to any of the comments or questions raised by taxpayers and former employees. I am not sure if that’s their standard operating procedure…or if it’s due to the open investigation. (Note: I serve as a trustee on a township board and that is not how we conduct our meetings.)