Confession: I miss library school.

I miss the open sharing of ideas with enthusiasm and excitement. While I am certainly learning in the field, it just isn’t the same.

People seem guarded…even cynical. They don’t have time. They already know it all. They are too shy. Perhaps they’ve had their ideas/thoughts/opinions mocked by others and are subsequently insecure about sharing. Blah blah blah blah. A plethora of reasons.

Within the last few months, I had someone say to me (paraphrase), “You have interesting ideas, but they aren’t always applicable.”

Ideas are seeds — they need to be cultivated. Don’t kill the creativity and flow just because it doesn’t seem readily applicable to your X and Y variables.

Shape it. Cultivate it. Encourage it.

Conclusion: I miss the openness and freedom of expression that library school encouraged.