The month of February has been pretty eventful thus far….

At the beginning of the month, I visited John King Books on Lafayette Boulevard with fellow librarian and friend, Jeanette.

It was my very first visit. A pilgrimage of sorts. I bought a few books — one of which The Fight for America by Joseph McCarthy which is a fabulous addition to my intellectual freedom collection.

My last post focused on the need for multicultural literature — February is African American history month. As you can surmise, this month’s YA display features African American literature and historical materials. I created this graphic:

Here are some various pictures from work:

While working on weeding the YA collection, I discovered
this awesome note inside Or Give Me Death by Ann Rinaldi
when checking its circulation
My doll, Verity, joins the staff at CADL
And a couple of pictures of my coworkers and I:

On Monday, I toured Loutit District Library in Grand Haven, Michigan. I’ll be uploading pictures and some notes from my visit in the near future.