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Current practice:
A small Demco “new book” sticker is placed next to the barcode on the back of the book.

Demco "New Book"After a few months in circulation (or when the new book display runs low on room), the books are then shelved with the rest of the collection to make room for new additions; however, in order to ascertain when the book was added to the collection, current practice requires opening the book and flipping to the title page – where a notation cites the date and the purchase price.

It’s not that big of a deal – DPL is small, rural library after all – but I love the idea of how Caro Area District Library handles the labeling of their new books and the time it saves…

When a new book is added to the collection in Caro, a small, red sticker with the month the item was added to the collection is placed on the spine (head cap area):

Avery Color Coding Labels

As time passes and the items need to be moved into the library’s main collection, it takes staff just a brief moment to look at the spines to determine the date they were initially added – which books stay and which ones get moved.

Great idea, CADL! Thank you!