I subbed at CADL this evening – for a brief blip (4 hours) – but it was great to see my colleagues again. (I even got to see some of my cousins!)

Since starting at DPL, I’ve been learning a new ILS…after I feel as though I mastered Horizon at CADL. I must admit that it gave me comfort to see this familiar screen again:

Hello, Horizon, my old friend…

When I first started at CADL, I recall feeling frustrated when I was learning the ILS. I know, in time, it will become old-hat to me. It helps that I am cataloging and doing behind-the-scenes management within – speeds up the learning process.

In other news, on Wednesday, I sent out a brief email to all of the library directors in the county introducing myself as the ‘new kid on the block’ and received a very warm welcome! I am completely geeked to be working alongside such awesome librarians.