On Friday, I learned two new things…

(1) Being a rural library, the DVD collection is quite important to patrons.
A patron explained to me: Other than a local gas station which has just a few movies for rent, the closest video rental is a 20-25 minute drive. One-way. Add in the time needed for browsing videos and you’re looking at over an hour time just to rent a movie. From what I have gathered, this patron is just one of many whom depend upon the library for new releases and the like.

I should add: the closest Redbox is also 20-25 minutes away. Unless patrons wish to pay for Netflix or attempt to find an internet connection adequate enough in order to stream video, DPL is really the only game in town for movies.

Image(2) When purchasing audiobooks, pay attention to who is listed as the reader/narrator and ascertain whether or not they have an accent. I was told that some of the older patrons, specifically those experiencing hearing loss, have stated that they’ve had a difficult time following a reader with a foreign accent.