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The latest headline about Brandon Township Public Library to hit the press:
No master’s degree and no bachelor’s degree either

The library failed to receive state aid revenue for the last five years because former Director Paula Gauthier didn’t have a master’s degree as she claimed.

Now the library board has learned she didn’t have a bachelor’s degree, either.

Here’s a screen capture of Gauthier’s director profile back when she was still at BTPL:

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I am aghast. With so many of my LIS-comrades in southeast-Michigan looking for library work – whom worked so hard to earn their credentials…and for this type of fraud to occur and to take away a job opportunity…

The next board meeting is tonight at 7p – they’ll be going over the details from the forensic audit.

I’d like to let the record reflect:
Having been recently hired to direct a library, I immediately gave my employer a copy of my transcripts + Library of Michigan certification for my personnel file.
(While a MLIS is not required in order for a class 2 library to receive state aid revenue, it’s just the principle…)