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hermionish.staffpicksWhen I have toured public libraries, I’ve always enjoyed browsing the “staff picks” displays — a small collection of materials in which the staff love and wish to share with others.

I get excited when books in which I’ve read and fell in love with make it into their displays — the notion that someone else will likely check it out and, perhaps, fall in love with it as I did.

My town library put together such a display and as a result I’ve checked out several books in which I likely wouldn’t have picked up on my own. In other words, the display has encouraged me to branch out to read different authors and even genres.

I should add that I was asked by the library director to participate in their “staff picks” display — the feeling that my opinions mattered made feel included and part of their team.

Now that I am in a position in which I can put ideas into action, you can surely bet that DPL has such a display.

Last Thursday night, at our staff and volunteer library soirée, I introduced the idea and it was met with much enthusiasm and excitement. I am quite geeked about this project!